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Law Institute Victoria provides an overview of the legal system in Victoria, news on legal issues and discussion, as well as lists of practising and accredited legal specialists.

Magistrates Court of Victoria

County Court of Victoria

Supreme Court

High Court of Australia

Federal Court of Australia

Victoria Police

Office of Public Prosecutions

Department of Justice

Barristers Clerks

List A

  List A Barristers Pty Ltd

List B

 Michael Green Pty Ltd

List C

  Gerard Hyland Barristers Clerk

List D

  Dever's List

List F

  Foley’s List Pty Ltd

List G

  G J McNaught Pty Ltd

List H

  Peter Lennon Barristers Clerk

List L

  Paul Holmes Barristers Clerk Pty Ltd

List M

  G W Meldrum Pty Ltd

List P

  Laurence's List Pty Ltd

List R

  R J Howells Pty Ltd

List S

  Gordan & Jackson Barristers Clerks
List T   Barristers Logistics

List W

  Pattersons List

The Victorian Bar

The Victorian Criminal Bar


Attorney General's Department SCALEplus

Legal online

Victorian Legislation & Parliamentary Documents

Victorian Legal Aid



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